Weight Loss Secrets of Celebrities


Reduce your calorie intake. It was advised that the average woman should consume at least 800 calories a day and for men to aim for 1,200 calories. While most experts suggest not going under 1,200 calories a day for an average woman, under special circumstances need more drastic measures. Take not this is not a permanent regimen. Here is a list of famous actors and their heights.

Looks like starvation but this isn’t, this is all for the sake of calorie quality. You will have to start to stock up on extremely healthy foods, hi in nutrients like vegetables that will make you feel more satisfied rather than being full on 800 calories of junk food.

Skip complex or heavy carbohydrates after breakfast. Limit eating complex carbohydrates for breakfast like found in whole grains which trigger appetite, these carbohydrates are different from the ones found in veggies and fruits due to the difference of fiber content.

By limiting complex carbohydrates to the morning, this makes you avoid those late night food cravings.

Having to do cardio workouts in the morning may be a difficult task but a must. Do quick 45 minute cardio workouts in the morning, some research have mixed reactions about this but some evidence has turned up that exercising without having a meal burns more fat.

Check your salt intake and control it as much as you can. If salt is a part of your daily routine, you are most likely getting too much salt already. Even if you watch out and try and consume low sodium versions. Salt leads to water retention, which can make you bloated and puffy, 1,000 milligrams was advised to those who want to get slim in a hurry.

Try fish-oil capsules or Omega 3. This can help you with the soreness after exercise and boost immunity. Though not needed for daily use, or for mild cardio workouts, this will help you recover faster in the long run.

Overload on fruits and vegetables are the best way to go. A secret to some height and weight of popular celebs. When you get hungry, look for vegetables. This tip will be crucial in your way to fitness in a hurry. Obviously, due to its high nutritional value: great source of vitamins and minerals; they contain fiber, and also natural diuretics.

Controlling your alcohol intake is a must. Alcohol, including wine makes you also retain water and makes you puffy and look bloated. This also changes your metabolism and slows down your fat burning process. Drinking also clouds your judgment and self control. Under the influence of liquor you get uncontrollable cravings, munchies and other crazy things you want to put into your system. To get more ideas, check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Celebrity.


Celebrity Body Stats: Find Out The Height and Weight of Your Favorite Celebs


More often than not, celebrities are there not only to entertain us but to also embody a set of ideal standards that we want to emulate. Whether be it fashion sense, diet, exercise regime, most people look up to celebrities and how they do things. We even pry into their personal lives to get a better sense of them. Thus, celebrities’ vital stats are no exception to our curiosity.

Finding out the weight and height of Hollywood stars can either be seen harmful or acceptable. It all depends on how you will use that certain kind of information. You can either use it to get to know your favorite celebrity even more or to unhealthily try to attain his or her vital stats. Of course, loving your own body is of utmost importance but it also would not hurt to draw inspiration from the celebrity you admire the most. You can draw inspiration from them healthily if you do not go overboard.

If there is a certain celebrity that you admire for his or her body, you certainly can take inspiration from them. You can try to achieve your ideal body that is inspired by your celebrity of choice. However, do keep in mind that it is necessary for your health and well-being to do it with proper diet and exercise. Resorting to extreme means like plastic surgery or crash diets will only backfire or worse, even give you the opposite of the result that you were looking to achieve.

Apart from taking inspiration from your favorite celebrities’ vital stats, you can also use them to see which celebrity you could relate to. Knowing that there are a lot of celebrities with different body types, there is bound to be someone that has a similar body shape with you. Knowing a celebrity’s body stats can be pretty cool, especially when you discover one that is similar to yours. You might even notice that some celebrities are not as perfect as they seem or not as symmetrical as they look out to be. You will often find out that celebrities are relatable in this manner. This reassures you that celebrities are just humans too.

If you want to know more about the body measurements of famous celebrities, then read more here. Find out which celebrity has the same shoe size as yours, height, weight, and even bra size! Go to http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/08/22/short-celebrities-petite-style-photos_n_1818911.html for more ideas.

Different Sizes and Shapes of Celebrities


Celebrities are public figures who are admired by many and not only because of their many skills but mostly because of their appearance. People are quite particular about celebrities’ appearance especially the celebrity weights and heights, since these two characteristics that are the most noticeable. There is a vast difference in the attitude of people towards celebrities who are tall and thin, and from those celebrities who are short and fat.

Let’s take for example the attitude of people towards the likes of Kylie Jenner, who is 1.68 meters tall and only weighs 58 kilograms, Taylor Swift who is 1.80 meters and only weighs 54 kilograms, Behati Prinsloo who is 1.80 meters all and only 52 kilograms. Also models like Adriana Francesca Lima, who is 1.77 meters tall and 55 kilograms, Alessandra Corine Ambrosio who is 1.76 meters and only 51 kilograms, Candice Swanepoel who is 1.78 meters and 54 kilograms and Stella Maxwell who is 1.79 meters tall and weighs 53 kilograms. The people’s reaction towards them is usually they say that these celebrities are beautiful and glamorous. There are many advantages of being tall for example having long legs, able to fit into gowns, always getting attention, and being described with beautiful adjectives like “statuesque” and “modelesque”.

On the other hand celebrities like Queen Latifa who is 1.77 meters and weighs 91 kilograms, Jill Scott who is 1.68 meters and weighs 91 kilograms, and many other celebrities. People often commented that their shortness and their slightly bigger bodies cause them to become less attractive to others. Check out this article on heightline.com for more details.

But it is not all about having the right height and weight, but celebrities show us that whatever size and shape we come in, we can always be appreciated through our many merits. Being tall and thin does not always give us the advantage. In cases where girls growing up vertically advantaged are desperately trying to fit in by slouching and not even looking twice at a pair of high heels, let alone consider wearing them in public. On the other hand small and slightly pudgy people don’t always receive negative comments. Being short and chubby can also have an advantage like these type of people always have leg room on planes, trains and buses, crowd weaving is your art form, people instinctively want to protect you and many more. Bottom line there is more to appearances than just these weights or whatever you call them. To read more about this, go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Weight_and_height_percentile.